A year-round school operating 7:30 to 5:30

  • No need for before- or after-school care
  • Coherent care and superior education

We operate year round, with brief seasonal breaks. Our 7:30 to 5:30 schedule accommodates the varied requirements of modern families. Each student's family schedules their arrival and departure times, even attendance, to meet their particular needs. Our schedule eliminates the need for before- or after-school care.

Small, mixed-age classes

  • 12 students in each elementary class who range in age from 5 to 12

All classes are mixed age: 3-through 4-year-olds in the preschool, and ages 5 through 12 in each small elementary class. These groupings prevent whole class instruction and support the individual attention that accelerates learning.

Citizenship, Friendship, Scholarship

  • but, most of all, teaches the fun of learning

Century School students are learning to be responsible citizens and loyal friends -- good people who care for one another and cooperate to make the school better. Twice each day every Century School student is graded on his or her performance as a responsible citizen and as a good friend. This continuing attention to individual social growth has built a culture of mutual support and cooperation.

Very personal individualized instruction

  • Dedicated, caring teachers
  • Extensive use of computers

Century School is committed to individualized instruction. Students are not assigned to grades based on age. Neither are they assigned to a category or given a label based on ability. There are no categories or labels at Century School.

Accelerated learning

  • Average reading gain: 2.2 months for every month enrolled
  • Standardized achievement test every 6 months

When instruction is truly individualized, students are successful. The academic growth of each student is measured by standardized tests every six months and individual reports are sent home. On average, Century School students gain reading and math skills at twice the expected rate. They are excellent and independent scholars. And the longer they are enrolled, the more accomplished they become. Those are the accomplishments that make school fun.

Parent satisfaction is primary

  • Flexible schedule to meet family needs

Because Century School is supported by tuition, it can only exist so long as families are satisfied with its procedures and its results. Our Board evaluates parent satisfaction every six months, but the real measures are what the students talk about at home every day.

Preschool curriculum for 3- and 4-year olds

  • Independence, language, safety, numbers, handwriting, reading, social skills, and physical education along with citizenship and friendship

Because young children love to learn, we delight in treating them to a preschool day that includes the fun of learning to be safe and self-reliant, the fun of numbers, of learning to write, and especially the fun of learning to read.